Why the US EB-5 Program is a Great Option for Residency by Investment

Why the US EB-5 Program is a Great Option for Residency by Investment

The state offers many opportunities for foreign nationals to acquire legal residency or citizenship because it is a nation of immigrants. One of the most well-liked routes is through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program, which provides enduring residency to those who invest a considerable amount of money in the United States.

 EB-5 immigrant visas issued by the U.S. Department of State is good and consistent


As we can see before, the number of EB-5 immigrant visas issued by the U.S. Department of State is good and consistent, so let`s try to understand why.

Here are several justifications why the EB-5 program is a worthy alternative to residency by investment:

High success rate

The elevated accomplishment rate of the EB-5 program is the greatest justification for why it’s an outstanding choice for residency by investment. With a 92.6% approval rate in 2021, investors can have self-assurance in their probability of getting enduring residency through investment in the United States. This higher success rate also demonstrated the program’s efficiency and efficacy in luring foreign investment and advancing the American economy. For those who would like to invest in the United States and access enduring residency, the EB-5 program provides a dependable and appealing pathway to achieve their objectives.

Fast processing times

The USCIS’s efforts to decrease processing times for EB-5 applications are a welcome development for investors passionate about the program. With the ordinary processing duration for I-526 petitions reduced from 20.6 months in 2020 to 15.6 months in 2021, it is obvious that the agency is making essential advancements toward enhancing the effectiveness of the program. This shorter processing duration means that investors can get their enduring residency status in the United States more quickly, letting them exploit the numerous opportunities accessible in the state. Overall, the USCIS’s efforts to streamline the EB-5 application procedure make it an even more appealing alternative for foreign investors seeking enduring residency by investment in the United States.

No language or education requirements

Among the key benefits of the EB-5 program is that it does not have authoritarian educational or communication talent requirements, which could be an obstacle for several investors who would like to access residency or citizenship through other programs. This means that high-net-worth individuals who may not have a definite level of instruction or communication talent can still be qualified for the program, provided they meet the financial investment provisions. This option makes the EB-5 program a more accessible choice for investors from different backgrounds, despite their educational or linguistic capabilities. As a result, the program has become a progressively popular option for those who would like to access enduring residency in the United States.

Investment flexibility

The EB-5 program provides investors the resilience to pick between two investment features: a guided investment in a new commercial enterprise or an investment in a territorial middle. This lets investors opt for the investment choice that aligns with their investment objectives and preferences. Guided investments provide better influence and oversight, as the investor is responsible for administering the investment plan. On the other hand, territorial middle investments propose compliant involvement in a bigger plan and might be less lengthy for investors. This adaptability allows investors to choose investment alternatives that align with their expertise, goals, and likelihood tolerance, making the EB-5 program an appealing option for those seeking customized investment opportunities.

Path to citizenship

After getting enduring residency through the EB-5 program, investors can finally apply for citizenship, which provides abundant benefits, including the right to vote and entry to regime advantages. 

Here are several statistics that demonstrate the advantages of the EB-5 program:

As per a record maintained by the EB-5 Investment Coalition, the EB-5 program contributed $35 billion to the U.S. economy between 2015 and 2019, building over 276,000 jobs.

In 2020, Chinese nationals accounted for most EB-5 investors, with 4,142 accepted petitions. Vietnamese nationals came in 2nd place with accepted petitions, followed by Indian nationals with 466 accepted petitions.

As per the USCIS, as of May 2021, there were petitions, with 6,835 accepted and 9,106 pending.

The EB-5 program has been in particular well-liked in the genuine estate industry, with numerous developers applying EB-5 funding to finance plans. In 2019, the genuine estate industry accounted for 76% of EB-5 investment, as per a record by NES Financial.


Apart from the benefits noted above, the EB-5 program additionally provides numerous other benefits, for example, the ability to include dependents in the application and the alternative to labour or a survey in the United States. Furthermore, the program can build jobs and encourage economic development in the United States, as it needs investors to make a major investment in the nation. Overall, the EB-5 program offers a clear route to citizenship and permanent residency in the US, making it a viable choice for people who wish to invest in their immigration to the country.

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