Brazil Permanent Residency Investor Visa (VIPER)

Brazil offers permanent residency to those investors who invest in business and real estate (VIPER). The duration of the residence depends upon the investor’s contribution to the economy of Brazil.

The visa allows you to reside and work in the country. The visa is for those individuals who intend to live in the country for more than 2 years for business purposes. It is sometimes also known as a golden visa. 

After 4 years of holding a permanent visa, the person can apply for citizenship. One can avail of citizenship if he ensures a stay of 183 days in the country.

The duration of the country visit must exceed six months straight. He must demonstrate expertise in the skills and knowledge of the country’s culture and history.

If the person or investor seeking a permanent residency in Brazil is married to the native, they may get citizenship before time, i.e., 4 years. In some cases, this phase exceeds 13 years.

  • Brazilian investor visa investment requirements
  • Application processing time is 4-6 months
    • Authorized requirements
    • Documentation requirements
    • Dual citizenship
  • Brazilian Investor Visa Rules After Getting Visa
  • Benefits of Brazilian investor Visa (VIPER)
    • 1. Eligible for national and public healthcare jobs
    • 2. Barrier-free (to and fro) travel
    • 3. Access to the Mercosur market

Brazilian investor visa investment requirements 

Foreign Nationals revealing interest in investing in (real estate, business or stocks, or setting up a new business) in the country may get an investor visa.

He must ensure direct investment in the country’s economy, creating jobs, uplifting existing industries, and investing in real estate. For this, he must: 


    • Invest about $500,000 in the country as an individual investor 

    • Invest$600,000 as a Brazilian legal entity 

    • Investors interested in transforming technological interface can qualify by investing $150,000 

    • Employ at least 10 Brazilian citizens 

    • You must transfer the money to the respective Brazilian account 

To be accepted, the applicants must hold a clear criminal record supported by a visionary business overview/plan to transform the country within their stay.  

Permanent residency renews every 3 years. He must be willingly engaged until that timeframe in improving an economic prospect.  

If you decide to forego the visa, you cannot renew it anymore. You can have your dues any time you wish to. 

Application processing time is 4-6 months 

If the authority calls for additional information, it may take more business days. It is ideal for keeping the documents (mentioned) beforehand. 

Authorized requirements  


    • The business plan approved by the Council of Immigration 

    • Authorization of the Ministry of Labor and Employment 

    • Registration of Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil (FDI) and declaration of the same issued by the Central Bank of Exchange Contract 

    • The applicant must ensure a prestigious company stand and the potential to create employment opportunities in Brazil. 

    • Income tax receipt 

    • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the planned stay in Brazil 

    • Articles of incorporation of the respective Brazilian entity that receives the investment amount 

    • Confirmation of the payment of immigration tax 

    • Notarized documents by the competent authorities in the investor’s native country 

Documentation requirements 


    • Police Clearance Certificate 

    • Xerox and original passport copy 

    • Curriculum Vitae 

    • Evidence of residential Address 

    • Professional certificates  

    • Bank statement 

    • Certified copy of the business license or incorporation document 

    • Passport-size photographs 

Dual citizenship  

Brazil allows investors to retain citizenship of 2 countries. It implies one can retain native citizenship too. 

Brazilian Investor Visa Rules After Getting Visa 


    • Bring the family to Brazil after Visa confirmation. 

    • You must visit once every couple of years to retain your visa. 

    • Authority periodically reviews the investments by the investor in the country. If he stopped it, they might renew the status. 

Benefits of Brazilian investor Visa (VIPER) 

Getting a visa is key to amplifying your lifestyle.   

1. Eligible for national and public healthcare jobs 

You can enhance your lifestyle or your kids by ensuring a secure future with proximity to public and national jobs. These are more well-paid than private ones. 

2. Barrier-free (to and fro) travel 

Brazil Permanent Residency Investor Visa (VIPER) allows one to travel across 169 countries visa-free.   And that includes the UK, Russia, and Schengen. 

3. Access to the Mercosur market  

Mercosur is a South American trade block that concludes (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay) as founders. It grants EU investors better opportunities than any country in the world.

It is ideal for businesses involved in importing parts and intermediate goods. On gaining a permanent residency visa, one can travel Mercosur Visa-free. 


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