Spain Golden Visa Program

Residency by Investment

You can celebrate a life filled with joie de vivre (joy of living) in the vibrant country of Spain, a country that boasts of musical culture, passionate lifestyle, and diverse landscapes. Gain access to the European Union through its very own cultural capital and experience life like never before.


Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Known for its friendly inhabitants, Flamenco fiestas, exquisite cuisine, and a relaxed lifestyle, getting residency in Spain introduces you and your family to a world of delightful experiences and artistic traditions

The Spain Golden Visa program was started in 2013 to foreign investors to invite investment for economic development. The Golden Visa for Spain is a residence visa issued to a non-EU national who intends to make a significant investment in the Spanish economy. The visa offers the holder & their family members residency in Spain and visa-free access to the Schengen Zone.

In most cases, Spain Golden Visas are issued to someone who purchases real estate. However, they are also available to businessmen who invest in a Spanish company, which is why they are referred to as Spain Investor Visas as well.

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Easy visa-free travel to 160+ countries.

Become a resident of the vibrant country of Spain.

Freedom to live and work in any of the 28 member countries of the EU.

Inclusion of family members in the program.

Quality education at some of the world’s best universities.

Ability to apply for citizenship after 10 years of permanent resident status.

Relatively low real estate prices.

No requirements to reside.

Investment Options

1. Real Estate Investment Option

Invest a substantial amount into Spanish real estate. Designated amount of the program is €500,000. You can opt for a residential or commercial property, or a combination of both.

2. Business Development in Spain

 If you choose this option,

a) you must create employment.

b) the investment needs to have a socioeconomic impact on the country.

c) contribute to scientific/ technological innovations..

The minimum investment requirement of this option is €1 million.

3. Capital Transfer

You may also opt to invest a substantial amount in Spanish Treasury Bonds. The minimum investment requirement of this option is €1 million. Otherwise, you may invest a minimum of €1 million in shares in Spanish companies or bank deposits with a Spanish financial institution.

4. Business Projects in Spain

The projects that will be deemed proper must meet the following criteria:

When it can be argued that it will be a motor of job creation.

When the investment is expected to make a positive social or economic impact in the geographical area of the investment.

When it represents a significant contribution to scientific and/or technological innovation.


Detailed Criteria:

    You’re over 18.

    You’re not an illegal resident of Spain.

    You don’t have a criminal record in the last five years.

    You’re not on the list of undesirable people.

    You have private healthcare to cover your stay.

    You’re able to prove sufficient funds to live on without working in Spain.

    You’ve not been rejected for residence from certain other countries or from Spain.

    You don’t have any of the illnesses according to a 2005 regulation.

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