Top 8 Countries for Citizenship by Investment in 2024

In 2024, many countries are launching their premium citizenship by investment Programs, providing citizenship through financial contributions or investments. These programs are growing popular among investors due to the wide range of benefits they provide.

Over twenty countries established citizenship by investment program in mid-2023, including five Caribbean nations: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia. Countries such as Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Malta, North Macedonia, Turkey, and Vanuatu also offer such programs. Approximately 50,000 individuals along with their family, annually acquire citizenship by investment through this program. Citizenship by investment allows individuals to broaden their horizons and enhance their quality of life.

To help you understand citizenship by investment, this article will explain the concept and highlight the top countries offering these programs in 2024.

What is a citizenship by investment program? 

Citizenship by investment is a legal process in which any person can get citizenship of any country by investing in the country’s economy. This program aims to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic growth and in return for the investment, give citizenship and a passport to the investor in their country, and get rights to live, work, and study.

The requirements and benefits of citizenship by investment program depend on the country’s policy. This is the easiest way to get a green card from other countries like Malta, Dominica, Grenada, Turkey, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Montenegro, considered some of the best countries for citizenship by investment, it’ll save time and money. Each of these countries provides advantages and rules. They cater to investors with different amounts of money to spend, residency requirements, and how useful their passport is for traveling around the world in 2024.

Top Countries Offering Citizenship by Investment in 2024

Some countries are providing global citizenship by investment programs including Malta, Cyprus, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, Turkey, and Montenegro. Here’s a brief overview of countries offering citizenship by investment programs in 2024:


The Malta Citizenship by Investment program is based on a point system. Investors should have to collect a minimum score for eligibility. Points are based on investments in Maltese real state and government bonds, as well as mandatory contributions to the National Development Fund. There are other criteria also such as language skills or business experience, which influence the total points earned. 

Real Estate Investment: Applicants must purchase property in Malta with a minimum value of €700,000 or lease a property with an annual rent of at least €16,000.

Government Bonds: Applicants must invest a minimum of €150,000 in government-approved bonds.

Donation: A non-refundable contribution of €600,000 to the National Development Fund is required.


If you want to become a citizen of a Dominica country, getting Dominica citizenship by investment is easier than in other countries. Here are the main financial requirements for obtaining citizenship through Dominica’s CIP:

Real Estate Investment: The minimum investment in real estate is $200,000 in an approved real estate project. This investment must be maintained for at least three years after citizenship is granted.

Economic Diversification Fund (EDF): The contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) varies based on the number of applicants:

Single applicant: $100,000

Applicant with spouse: $175,000

The applicant with up to two qualifying dependents (e.g., spouse and child under 18): $200,000

Additional dependents of any age (each): $50,000

By meeting these criteria, you can apply for citizenship in Dominica through their Citizenship by Investment Program.


Getting a secondhand passport in Grenada Citizenship is easier by investing. Interested investors can qualify through two main avenues:

Real Estate Investment: The minimum investment in approved real estate projects is typically set at USD 220,000. Additionally, there are associated fees and costs such as government fees, due diligence fees, and legal fees.

Donation to the National Transformation Fund (NTF): The minimum non-refundable contribution to the NTF is USD 150,000 for a single applicant or USD 200,000 for a family of up to four persons. For larger families, additional contributions apply.

Antigua and Barbuda:

In Antigua and Barbuda, you can get citizenship for yourself and your family very easily by investment, they also provide various investment options to the applicant. Applicants can choose to invest in real estate or make contributions to the National Development Fund (NDF).

The investment amounts required for the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Visa Program are as follows:

Real Estate Investment: Applicants must invest a minimum of USD 200,000 in approved real estate developments. 

Contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF): 

Single applicant: USD 100,000

Family of up to 4 members: USD 100,000

Family of 5 or more: USD 125,000

Saint Lucia:

Saint Lucia provides benefits to applicants like visas for traveling to different countries and economic opportunities. In Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program, there are several investment options available for individuals seeking citizenship: 

National Economic Fund (NEF):

Single Applicant: Minimum contribution of USD 100,000.

Applicant with Spouse: Minimum contribution of USD 165,000.

Family of up to 4 members: Minimum contribution of USD 190,000.

Each additional dependent: Additional contribution of USD 25,000.

Real Estate Investment:  Minimum investment of USD 300,000 in an approved real estate project. 

Enterprise Project Investment: Minimum investment of USD 3,500,000 in an approved enterprise project, creating at least 3 jobs.

Government Bonds: Minimum investment of USD 500,000 in non-interest-bearing government bonds. 

St. Kitts and Nevis:

St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment program is the oldest program of Citizenship by Investment and a very respectful program. They give citizenship to foreign investors and their families. They also have their investment program and rules. Applicants have two main investment options to qualify for citizenship:

Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF): 

Single applicant: Minimum contribution of USD 150,000.

Applicant with up to three dependents (e.g., spouse and two children): Minimum contribution of USD 195,000.

Each additional dependent: Additional contribution of USD 10,000.

Real Estate Investment: The investment must be maintained for at least 7 years. In addition to the investment, there are associated fees such as government, due diligence, and legal fees.


Turkey provides premium citizenship by investment program, for citizenship, Investors have to fulfill certain investment criteria. Investors must find a property that meets the minimum investment requirement and other legal criteria. 

In Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program, there are several investment options available for individuals seeking citizenship: 

Real Estate Investment: The minimum investment amount in real estate is USD 250,000. This investment must be maintained for at least three years. The real estate must also have an annotation of no-sale for three years in the title deed.

Bank Deposit: The option of making a bank deposit was available previously, requiring a minimum deposit of USD 500,000 in a Turkish bank or a Turkish venture capital investment fund and holding it for three years.

Government Bonds or Investment Funds: There have been other options available, such as purchasing government bonds, making a specified amount of capital investment, or creating jobs.


Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program provides only two citizenship investment programs: government fund contribution and real estate investments. In Montenegro’s Citizenship by Investment Program, investment options available for obtaining citizenship:

Real Estate Investment: The minimum investment required in approved real estate projects is EUR 250,000. The real estate can be located in designated areas, including undeveloped regions, Podgorica (the capital city), or coastal areas.

Government Fund Contribution: Applicants can choose to make a non-refundable donation to the Montenegrin government’s Development Fund. The minimum donation amount required is EUR 100,000. Additionally, applicants are required to pay government fees, due diligence fees, and other associated costs.


In 2024, some of the best companies will be given a chance to get citizenship by investment. This program is famous all over the world. Each country offers unique benefits such as visa-free travel to key destinations and strategic world investment opportunities in real estate and government funds.

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